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The Deepest Cut by J. Templeton The Deepest Cut: Scotland-Fiction This book is a work of fiction. To Korie Nicole— Your strength and courage inspires me. Kade MacKinnon We don't get to read much about Kade until the end but he plays an important part that will be shown more in book 2 of this book. He is a teenager but the way the author described Kade makes him seem hot and dreamy.

I almost didn't want it to end when he enter the picture. As for the other characters of the book, they all played an important part. Megan who is becoming Riley's best friend, Anne Marie who is much older and is like Riley with her abilities, Miss Akin the maid for the Inn and other key players. Reading this book, I wasn't sure what to expect and didn't want it to be just another teen book. However, after reading this book, it engaged me and I find myself rooting for Riley and Ian. The ending when Kade enter the picture was very exciting for me, though we will have to wait on book 2 of the McKinnon curse to further explore Kade, Riley and of course Laria and the history that could repeat itself.

View all 9 comments. Jan 07, J. I guess I just find it ironic that people choose to buy into a love story happening WITH a ghost, but it just can't happen fast? LOL Haven't we all met someone who sparked our interest, or made us feel things immediately, without any rhyme or reason? Things like that can and do happen everyday, so that part of the story didn't seem far fetched or unreal to me at all.

But then again, I fully believe in ghosts, spirits, communicating with the "dead" and all that kind of stuff. I liked their story. I felt emotionally pulled toward it. And I was sad for Riley when it had to obviously end. Aside from the love story, I really liked the relationship between Riley and her brother Shane.

I loved how he grew throughout the story to mend their fractured relationship and how, when it truly mattered, he wanted to protect and defend her. He's a great character who I hope will be more involved in the rest of the series! I'm definitely interested to hear more about Laria and what the hell her problem really is.

She was an interesting character, but I feel like we still have a lot to learn about her. Overall, I really, really enjoyed this book and loved being brought into a new world with castles, history and characters who believed in the spirit world and the presence of ghosts. I can't wait to read the rest of this series! For those of you who know me, know I don't do ghost well, but I still like the challenge.

I want to like them. That's why I'm so happy to say that I loved this book. It has the perfect combination of freaky and heart. I had a blast reading this! After the death of her mother, Riley Williams has a gift. She can see ghosts. When her father gets a new job in Scotland , Riley and her brother Shane are staring over a 4. When her father gets a new job in Scotland , Riley and her brother Shane are staring over and in a big inn for their home no less.

On the first night there, Riely meets Ian MacKinnon, a hundred year old ghost who died at the young age of But he didn't just die, he was poisoned and cursed by an obsessed servant who is determined for him to never find peace. Riley wants to help Ian out with her gifts but the warm friendship that she and Ian share isn't something that she wants to lose I had a lot of fun with this book. I really love the way J. Her writing is strong and confident and the book moved with excellent flow. I was completely absorbed from start to finish. I really liked Riley. She's stronger then she thinks she is, which is why I wasn't entirely sure about that whole cutting issue?

I mean I understand that she was devastated and guilt-sickened about her mom and that she's not handling seeing ghost very well, but for the most part I think Riley has proven that she's capable, level headed and kind. The cutting bit seemed a bit out of character actually and not necessary to the story-line. But in a way it's almost like a metaphor for a different kind of deepest cut , so if I really think about it, it makes a little more sense.

Or maybe Ian was the one who made her feel less The moment I meant him I knew he'd go breaking my heart by the end of the book. I loved the friendship and connection he and Riley shared, making this even more bittersweet. I also really loved Shane in this book. At first I thought he was going to be a nothing-character, but his attitude improved immensely throughout the book and I was really happy about that. Dame, she's one scary ass ghost. Loved the way Templeton developed this character.

She totally nailed that deranged-freaky-revenged-out flavor in this girl. As for the ending, I liked it. Even though I wish things could have been different, I wouldn't have had this any other way. It wouldn't have been believable, or well, as believable as can be with a story like this anyways.

I'm really looking forward to seeing what Kade is all about. I have some thoughts and hopes about that, but I guess we'll have to see. I'm also curious what Tom's problem was in this book. He was the only one who seemed hell bent on making Riley uncomfortable. Maybe he's related to Laria?

Ohhh and that very last scene? All in all, I really loved this one. It was creepy and thrilling and warms your heart and gets right under your skin just the way a ghost story is suppose to. Special thanks to J. A Templeton for sending me a copy for review, Loved it!! Riley is involved in a car crash with her mother, who dies, and now has the gift of seeing spirits. Her father moves them to Scotland from Portland for a change of scenery and she encounters lots of spirits - good and bad - even getting her instalove happening with one of them.

And at times laughable. There are so many things that came together perfectly to make this such an awesome, addicting story. This is the first book by Templeton that I've read, and I'm fast becoming a huge fan of her writing. This story throws you into a setting that is bone-chillingly creepy and intriguing at the same time, and I found myself immediately drawn to it.

And where the characters could have fallen short of my expectations due to the exciting plot, they actually left me pleasantly surprised. The main characters as well as the secondaries were so well-written that I ended up not being able to put the book down because I couldn't wait to see what happened to them next.

I laughed, I cried, and I melted all because these characters were so enjoyable! I loved Riley from the start; she's strong-willed, tough, and has a lot of depth that really captivates you. Facing the guilt over her mother's death in the car crash and the resulting ability to see the dead, she is constantly battling her own demons. When she and her family move to and old Scottish inn for a chance to start over, she soon meets the sweet, sexy, and protective ghost of Ian MacKinnon. It doesn't take her long to realize she's growing feelings for Ian, but her ability puts her in the path of an evil spirit named Laria that is determined to keep her away from him.

The "cutting" was really hard to read about, but I suppose it was to show Riley's growth as she came to accept her gift. As Riley settles into her new life and starts to make friends despite the dangers she faces from Laria, she comes to rely on Ian for more than just comfort and protection. I loved Ian and Riley together, they had such a beautiful bond that I just melted over. It felt like they were meant to be, soulmates that were surpassing the hurdles of life and death. Ian, with his Scottish accent, smoldering blue eyes, and rock-hard body He was so tender with Riley, so when his sexy side came across my heart was just racing!

I wish we had learned a little more about him along the way, but I ate up all of the glimpses into the past to when he was alive.

MacKinnon Curse Series

My heart ached for him to be able to be with Riley, though I wondered throughout the whole story how it would ever be possible. The ending had me crying, both happy and sad tears, because these characters truly have a place in my heart! There was a little bit of everything when it comes to the personalities of the secondary characters, which seems to be setting the stage for what will happen in the rest of the series. Tom, the rude boy that seems to have it out for Riley for no reason, will be an interesting development, I'm sure.

I finished this book in less than a day, and I'm left dying to get my hands on the sequel tonight. I absolutely loved getting lost in this creepy world with Riley, and I can't wait to see where Templeton takes the story! View all 14 comments. This book started somewhat strong and ended with a WTF. Riley, her younger brother, and Father make a move to Scotland.

Mother has just died in a tragic car accident and Riley is the survivor. Riley can see spirits in the world now and she tries desperately to hide all signs of her ability since she's been treated like a mental patient since revealing this. The relationship between Riley and her brother, Shane, is the high point. What I mean by this is that: The other relationships that are somewhat unbelievable or just barely there include: Ian is a Mary Sue.

Riley is a Mary Sue. You get an HEA that has not been earned or really built toward properly.

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Like how it's Scotland but it might as well be happening in your own neighborhood. Except that there is an ancient castle next door. That's about one of the few things that makes the setting seem "Scottish". The cliffhanger ending- wtf. I am glad I'm not so intrigued and I don't care because it was a really B Teen movie cliff hanger. This isn't my cup of tea, but some YA addicts out there will love this story. I'm unbelievably exhausted right now so maybe when I've had some decent sleep I'll edit this later..

I stumbled upon the Labor Day Indie Book Blowout and this was the first book to catch my eye, admittedly because I think the cover is beautiful. I was instantly hooked by the Kindle sample and quickly purchased it. As for the story--I really enjoyed it. A fairly quick read that was creative and interesting and I guess you could say delightfully creepy.

I really like Riley, and even liked her foul-mouthed little brother: P This leads me to some I stumbled upon the Labor Day Indie Book Blowout and this was the first book to catch my eye, admittedly because I think the cover is beautiful. P This leads me to something else I liked about this book: I realize I'm about to sound like a hypocrite because I personally don't think teenagers should be using drugs and alcohol, but I still liked the fact that these kids were swearing and drinking at parties and contemplating sex.

It made them more well-rounded and believable. Often times I find myself rolling my eyes at some of the dialogue and things that happen in YA books. That didn't really happen with this book. And while I'm comparing it to other YA books, my only complaint would be that while I find some books are unnecessarily long and tedious, I felt this book could have actually benefited from the extra length. I think if it were a little more fleshed out, the creepy parts would have been even more creepy, and the romance would have been even more sweeter and believable.

The Deepest Cut, (MacKinnon Curse series, book 1)

I highly recommend YA fiction readers give this one a try. For the price you can't go wrong. I have to say, I am much more impressed by this indie book than I have been by a lot of the mediocre YA books I have read in the past. I will definitely be reading the next book in the series. Dec 05, Andrea rated it it was amazing. The Deepest Cut is the story of Riley, a teenage girl who sees ghosts. In an effort to make a fresh start after her mother's death, Riley's father moves her, and her brother, Shane to live in a centuries old inn in Scotland.

As it happens, the inn Riley's family occupies and the castle next door are haunted, one of the ghosts is a nineteen-year-old Ian MacKinnon, breathtakingly handsome,who was murdered over two hundred years prior. The Deepest Cut had me at girl who sees ghosts, castles, The Deepest Cut is the story of Riley, a teenage girl who sees ghosts.

The Deepest Cut had me at girl who sees ghosts, castles, Scotland, and mostly Seriously, what's not to love. Riley was almost the perfect character. I really just want to give the girl a hug. She's a little broken, due to the death of her mother. She's a genuinely good person who cares about her family. She is not whiny or irritating. Riley fights a constant battle to stop the self-abuse, but when she is overwhelmed, it's always there as a temptation.

She compares herself to an alcoholic, wondering if the urge to hurt cut herself will ever completely go away. Upon arrival in her new home, Riley sees Ian, a ghost. She struggles to ignore him, but once Ian realized she can see him, he won't be avoided. Ian, with his old-fashioned manners and kind nature, is instantly lovable.

Murdered and cursed to an Earthbound afterlife by a jealous servant, Ian has been alone for over two hundred years. The relationship between Ian and Riley is nicely paced. They don't instantly fall impossibly in love. They form a trusting friendship that steadily builds into something more. Riley, in a refreshingly unselfish decision, is determined to see Ian find peace, willing to help him break his curse even if it means losing him forever.

The Deepest Cut does have some scary, hair-raising bits involving ghost Laria, the girl who murdered Ian. Laria, a truly frightening character, is determined to keep Ian from a peaceful afterlife and will do anything to keep him from moving on, including murdering again. The Deepest Cut is a book that I found myself truly enjoying. But oh, what an ending.

I was left completely hanging on, wondering what the heck was going on. Count me in for book two! Ian could see me naked. And he could read my mind, too. That is what happens with my stacks and my kindle books! I could not put this book down! The book is set in beautiful Scotland. This is a ghost story, a ghost story in Scotland full of beautiful land, creepy castles, inns and cemeteries!

There is some nice romance going on as well, nothing narly though. Riley and her brother Shane are moved from Portland to Scotland after their dad takes a j www. Riley and her brother Shane are moved from Portland to Scotland after their dad takes a job there and they move to a town called Braemar. Their mother died in a car accident with Riley in the car a little over a year ago and their father thought they finally needed a change..

Thus he buys an old inn! He says they could rent out some of the rooms if people need it.. Behind this old Inn is an old Castle. I think it would be a dream to see these places! When Riley was in the accident with her mom and woke up in the hospital she realized she could see ghosts. This is not necessarily a good thing because most of the ghosts follow you around and talk your ear off, I mean it's understandable right? Who have they had to talk to in however many years! Riley witnesses a ghost at the Inn right away, but she ignores him, until he follows her out to a little secluded place where he finds her doing something she shouldn't be doing.

She finally decides to talk to him and of course he is this hot arse ghost! Who wouldn't want that as a ghost! She finds out he used to live in the castle behind the inn and he was killed by a servant. Now, there are relatives down through the years that own the castle and are out of town on holiday at the moment. This ghost is called Ian MacKinnon and he's been dead some years!

While Riley and her brother Shane make friends with groups of kids in the town, Riley is trying to also help Ian with the curse he has on him so he can cross over. Her dad hired a caretaker named Anne Marie who is very sweet and Riley can share her ghost abilities with her. She helps all she can. She is one mean ghost! All kinds of stuff happens and the end seems to be looking good and then BAM, nope..

I really enjoyed this book! I do look forward to the other books in the series. I loved this story. It was bittersweet and passionate. Riley was easy to relate to. I would think to most teen girls and even to women. She had a lot of guilt inside her, blaming herself for the accident. But as the story progresses, we see Ri I loved this story. But as the story progresses, we see Riley grow as she deals with these feelings and learns to handle her pain in more positive ways. I really liked all the characters, even the side characters. But I really enjoyed watching these teens interact.

The author did an amazing job really pulling me into the story with realistic dialogue and situations. That girl is just creepy. I actually had to turn my lights on a couple of times while reading lol I read on my phone.

Reward Yourself

There were definitely some intense scenes, and I could totally envision it all through awesome description. My favorite part of this story is the romance between Riley and Ian. Templeton is down with the steamy. Near the end, I thought I was going to stomp around and start yelling. I kept waiting for something else to happen, but I think the way it ends, although like I said, bittersweet, is best.

This is a must read for anyone who loves ghost stories, romance, and just wants a fantastic YA read. After a car crash, Riley Williams loses her mom yet gains the ability to see ghosts. Her father decides to move the family to Scotland for his job; however, it seems as it might be a permanent move. Their family moves into an old inn, and that's when she first notices Ian MacKinnon - a nineteen year old who was poisoned years ago.

After Riley befriends Ian, she is determined to rid the curse that keeps him from crossing over into the afterlife. She runs across a problem, though. The young wo After a car crash, Riley Williams loses her mom yet gains the ability to see ghosts. The young woman who is at fault for poisoning and killing Ian has made a ghostly reappearance and will stop at nothing to keep Riley from helping Ian to cross over.

I really, really liked this.. In the beginning, Riley is able to walk through Ian because well Then the next thing I know, he's holding her and caressing her? That wasn't enough to put me off, but it surely confused me. Overall, I really liked the story and I do look forward to eventually reading the rest of the series. It was not the primary focus of the book; however, I feel obligated to let the public know even if it is mentioned in the synopsis. Apr 04, Nadine X rated it really liked it. A pleasant surprise, this book restored my faith in the YA genre.

I had all but given up hope. A girl named Riley loses her mom, and her family moves to Scotland, where she encounters a few ghosts. One of them is named Ian, and she falls in love with him. There's a problem though. Another girl likes Ian too, and she just so happens to be dead and very dangerous. This could have been a cheesy 'Twilight-like' story about a loner being romanced and stalked by a supernatural being, and some times it A pleasant surprise, this book restored my faith in the YA genre. This could have been a cheesy 'Twilight-like' story about a loner being romanced and stalked by a supernatural being, and some times it did come dangerously close to that.

But it's also written much more realistically than 'Twilight', and the protagonist is less of a Mary Sue type. What I liked about this book in particular is that it was a real page turner. The author didn't go too introspective. There was lots of suspense, drama, and a bit of old-school horror. I like the way the author writes. Much more realistic, and simplistic with very little purple prose.

Sometimes the writing was a bit too simple though. The romance between Riley and Ian is sweet, but I didn't quite buy it. There's not enough of a build-up, IMO, and so you don't quite feel the same way as Riley does when things start to happen between them. But it's plausible enough, and the twist at the end was kinda awesome. I'm really glad to see she wrote a few more stories in this world because this is definitely strong enough to turn into a series.

The Deepest Cut is an amazingly beautiful love story. The tenderness Templeton shows between Riley and Ian made my heart fall in love with them. Riley and Ian's love had me crying, hoping, and longing that they would find a way to be together. Templeton has a gift for writing heart-melting love. Riley and Ian broke my heart with their love that could never be. Riley lost her mother in a car crash, and Riley feels responsible for her mom's death.

The gui The Deepest Cut is an amazingly beautiful love story. The guilt is too much for Riley to carry, so she finds a way to let the pain out. But the way Riley has chosen to deal with pain is a secret that she has to hide. Riley and Ian find strength in each other. Riley never thought that her best friend and the love of her life would be a ghost. And because of her gift, she knows she the only one that can end Ian's curse and he finally crosses over. This will become Riley's deepest pain, letting go of a love she knows she will never have again. Riley and Ian's love will make you feel every tender moment between them.

Every heart break, but also the power of love that can heal the deepest cut. I highly recommend The Deepest Cut as a must read and I love the beautiful cover. That wouldn't have mattered, if at least one of the characters were likeable, deep, realistic Despite all, I still wanted to get to the end, because sometimes a great ending can convert an Ok story in a good one, right?

This wasn't the case, the end was unoriginal. Not even the romance kept me interested enough, Riley and Ian fell in love practically in 3 minutes and without apparent reason. Dec 17, Lucy marked it as did-not-finish. Every time I attempted to get any further in this book my brain threatened to cease functioning. The writing is exceedingly choppy and unfocused. The plot is about as unimaginative as one can get. I don't like any of the other characters enough to force myself further.

View all 89 comments. Jun 29, Jodi rated it did not like it Shelves: I am glad this book was free. I was really hoping for a creepy, scary ghost story. This is partly my fault, I didn't read the description of the book before I read it. I just looked at the title, the cover and comments from others about freaky ghost stories.

It would be very traumatic to lose your mom at such a young age and to actually be there when it happened would be worse.

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I can't imagine losing my mom ever but especially so young. Her dad movin I am glad this book was free. Her dad moving her and her brother around the world would also be traumatic.

MacKinnon Curse Series by J.A. Templeton

That would be so hard to leave her home and really leave her mom because that is where all of her memories of her mom are. Part of the story was that Riley was supposed to deal with all of her pain, anger and grief through cutting. I feel like the author really didn't explore this aspect of the story. I think she only cut herself once and then scratched her legs once with her finger nails. The author did talk about her compulsion to cut and she almost cut a couple of times but I think that should have been explored further.

There are many people who cut and really could have related to that part in Riles. I feel like I am too old to read and appreciate this book. I like many YA books but ones that are more mature and complex than this one. I found myself rolling my eyes at the events in this story. I love the paranormal and am very interested in the spiritual world. I do believe that there are people who can communicate with spirits and was looking forward to that part of the book.

When I realized that Riley was going to fall in love with her ghost, Ian, I knew it wasn't going to be the book for me. Johan, a real guy who showed an interest in Riley, turned out to be the stereotypical good looking scum bag who loses interest in girls when he gets what he wants, which then gave Riley the freedom to continue to fall for her ghost. Riley was so torn about helping her ghost love to break the curse that was trapping him to Earth. She wanted to help him but wanted him to stay with her. When he did move on, Riley discovered that his relative, who had been away on holidays the whole summer, looked exactly like Ian right down to his eyelashes and dimples.

Coincidentally, the first time she meets his relative, he is just as enamoured with Riley and they hold hands and drive off together. View all 3 comments. Jan 12, Book Whales rated it really liked it. Originally posted Book Whales What will do if you love someone you can't have?

Would you fight for it? Wow, no words can really describe this book. This book is spectacular!. It was well executed and the story is believable. The author did a good job in describing the inn, castle, cemetery and the history of the MacKinnon's. I was deeply engrossed in the world she made, Scotland is the perfect place for this. The characters are realistic. I connected to Riley instantly. I felt her pain and emotions. She was so real to me, I got too attached to this heroine. I also like how strong she was, the way she handled her gift. I don't want to put myself in her shoes. The gripping and nail-biting scenarios the author made was too much for me.

I fell in love with Ian.