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  1. Biography of George Washington: The 5 Most Interesting Published Works
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Biography of George Washington: The 5 Most Interesting Published Works

Who Was the Greatest American President? Washington wrote the rules when he was Although not entirely his original work, the Rules are one of his most-often mentioned writings because they are believed to have served as a major influence on his character.

According to the National Archives , one senator in the audience observed that Washington trembled as he faced the Congress. Lengel, is a selection of correspondence that includes not only letters to Congress and fellow soldiers but also to his family and friends.

George Washington

Washington also had help from James Madison who went on to become the fourth U. Besides trying to convince his citizens that he was no longer needed as a leader, Washington gave his opinion about the threats to the nation and reiterated his beliefs in concepts such as the separation of powers and government checks and balances.

Much of George Washington's writing came to light through The Papers of George Washington, a project by the University of Virginia to transcribe, index, and publish all of Washington's correspondence. Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter. Add us on Google Plus.

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