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And who knows what or when? Psychics loves this one remember this hits and forget the misses. The woman sees the seat up constantly and counts it against the man, whenever the seat is down, she would assume she did it and thus doesn;t give the man credit. Social trends and therefore economic trends follow distinguishable patterns in the form of waves, known as Elliott Waves, which were discovered by R. I literally spent thousands of hours studying charts and researching related methodologies, foremost the Fibonacci Sequence, which EWT is based on.

My programming partner and I also developed a trading platform that systematizes and automates most of the analysis involved in trading based on Fib and EWT. At some point we want to productize the trading systems and various pieces of the overall trading platform and then launch it into the trading niche properly.

I say properly because when we tried to do this several years ago before we knew anything about Internet Marketing, we failed miserably. Our goal for is to hopefully put together a full development team paid for with our Internet Marketing profits and then pull the trading platform back out and do it right!

It takes a lot of time and money to build this sort of software and we did not have that properly in place the first time around, which is why it took us so many years to accomplish what we did. Chris if you or anyone else for that matter are interested in finding out more about our trading systems and software platform, feel free to connect with me. I absolutely love talking about this stuff, especially EWT and Fibonacci. Bob Prechter of the Elliott Wave Institute was at the top of the class when I got started and I studied under him for several years.

Well, what I seew in the chart is that all the positive views were right in the end. Just try to find a 40 year interval in which You would have lost money…. All it shows is that todays habbit of trying to make short term profits with stocks is gambling…. Real Reality is that there has never been a time in which very few were soooooooooooooooooo rich, while the vast majority on planet earth is suffering from hunger! But there is no proof that suggests something like that could not happen again.

Gains from the s also look much higher due to inflation. In real terms the gains are much smaller than they appear, which also means the time taken to recover from losses was longer than the graph suggests. Ultimately what I am saying is just because over the past few decades recoveries have come quickly, does not mean that is what always happens, nor does it make it any more likely that that trend will continue.

Believing so is just another example of extrapolating the current trend off into the future. It is true that the trend of ongoing growth has been pretty solid, which in many ways is essentially just a reflection of the success of the human race as a species. This is a graph of inflation, soon to be hyperinflation.

One Way to Recession Proof Your Life - Passive Income

He might be one of the most knowledgeable financial analysts alive. Like he got out of the s stock market boom — which he was among the VERY few to predict — way too soon. But he had the guts to publish and extensive analysis of WHY he had been wrong to get out. I think he called that ultimate top pretty close, too. Many members experienced dramatic turnarounds: Ponder responded to the first question by making a distinction: Mammon is wealth that is worshipped for its own sake; it is wealth without God.

Prosperity thinking, on the other hand, puts God first as the source of our supply. She agreed that Jesus had told a wealthy man to go and sell everything he had, but it was because he was still attached to his riches; he did not yet recognise God as the source of his supply. Following is a sample of her ideas. You can, therefore, literally see your way to success.

When you create prosperous images from scratch, don't be 'reasonable', think big. Project thoughts of increase onto others, and you will find that they do prosper in health and monetary terms. Send positive thoughts to those who you are in conflict with, and watch them soften their stance. That this could work may at first seem incredible, but is simply an extension of the 'speaking well of others' that you were taught to do as a child.

Ponder tells of a man who "dared to write out hundreds of times how he wished things to be, rather than fretting about how they appeared at the moment. Desires are healthy, Ponder says - they are like God knocking upon the door of our mind, the means by which we can develop our full potential. You cannot expect to be successful, Ponder says, when you "idly drift in a stream of small events and small expectations. You must be specific about what you want and when exactly you would like to achieve it, because the fuel of the imagination is detail. There is a phrase, 'Fortune favors the bold'.

Life does seem to clear a path for those who know what they want. Therefore, in order to be successful in changing routine unsatisfactory behavior, you need to concentrate on a rewarding new habit, and substitute it in your behavioral patterns. A good habit to work on initially, is taking actions that build up your self-mage.

As mentioned earlier, the more that your value yourself, convincing yourself that you are worthy to receive and enjoy your prosperity, the more success you will have. Work on one habit at a time, using the tools provided, to ensure that you progress with new and useful habits. When you have adjusted your mind set, you can then work on the practical methods of attracting wealth into your life. Some of these include actions such as working to a budget, saving regularly, thinking before squandering money on luxuries which do not appreciate in value, and keeping track of spending.

I suggest that you seriously study the habits of the wealthy, finding ways to develop these same traits yourself. Instead, they think carefully about their purchases, and invest their money in items which appreciate in value, such as property, land, fine art, and antiques, thereby increasing their wealth. A new study, recently conducted, has shown that those who know their true financial situation spend a lot less, and start to pay off their debts. I urge you to be aware then, of all aspects of your spending and income. The fact of the matter is that when you learn about finances and work out a budget, you are in control.

Just the fact of being in control reduces the stress, enabling you to make more rational and considered decisions. The first thing you should do is pay off your debts. Debts are costly with interest rates and penalty rates, especially on Credit cards. Once you have worked out a strategy to pay off your debts, then work out a savings plan and invest part of your income.

Recession Proof Principles of Prosperity | Greg Fritz Ministries

Doing these practical things actually helps the law of attraction to work for you, as you start to control your spending you feel less stressed, and when you are feeling better, you of course attract better things to you. Henry Miller an American Author said: Most people know that goal setting is of the utmost importance, in order to achieve a prosperous and abundant life. If you do not plan, you plan to fail. Think about this — when you are setting off on a journey, you plan your route rather than just setting off in whichever direction takes your fancy, hoping for the best.

To set and achieve your goals you first have to generate an intense desire for them. Your goals have to be personally important to you, and they must be your goals, ones that will bring you personal happiness and prosperity. I encourage you to not allow fear of failure to stop you making bold goals, as the stronger you feel about the goals you set, the more likely you are to achieve them.

Next, you must believe you can reach your goals with all your heart. When you have faith in yourself, this in turn activates your subconscious mind to use its natural goal seeking ability, to push you towards success. Even though I am encouraging you to seek big goals they obviously need to be within your capability. Because you are learning and improving all the time, your goals can grow progressively over time, so you should regularly review your goals and expand them. Always write down your prosperity goals, placing them on your list in order of importance. Then write down the first step you need to take to achieve your goal, then the second step, and so on, in order to move in the right direction.

Make goals for each area of your life such as financial, relationships, friendships, health and spiritual goals. Then make a list of all the ways that you would benefit from reaching them. Write down where you stand at this point, for instance how much you have in your savings account, and then how much you intend to have. Then make another list of all the small steps that you need to take each day, in order to reach that goal.

Have a think about the people or mentors that could help you reach your goals, and contact them. Each day review and adjust your goals and the steps to reach them. Every day, take a step towards your goals in the one or two areas that you are seeking to improve on. Imagine what it would feel like as each goal is reached, remembering that the emotion of experiencing what life would be like for you when that goal is achieved, is the energy that is drawing that reality to you.

What are you looking forward to in your future? The future can be exciting when you imagine the wonderful possibilities there are, and set goals to make them a reality. Norman Vincent Peale one of the great goal setters of our time said: Can you recall what a critical word from someone you love feels like? The criticism probably affected you for days, if not for years.

It is obvious that not only the thoughts that you think, but also the words that you speak or are spoken to you, affect your life tremendously. I am sure you realize that the words you say are extremely powerful, and can have a very strong influence on other people. The truth is that the spoken word gives out a strong energy, which not only affects you, but those around you.

Your speech is very seldom neutral, but is usually either positive or negative. At the end of the day, you reap the results for every idle word that you say, as these words affect your life. It is essential that you try not to be a fault finder, boaster, grumbler or complainer. Talking to people in this way not only affects them, but has a great detrimental impact on your own well-being. Your own words are building blocks in your development, and they decide the direction your life will take.

It goes without saying that the situation you are in at this point, and the character you have developed at this moment in time, has been built up over time by your thoughts, actions, and the words you have spoken. You have literally created the life you are now living. It makes sense therefore, to be extremely careful not to say negative things. You know that one negative statement can stay with you for life, but the positive ones are easily forgotten. You will have heard it said that for every negative statement you make to a child, you have to counter it with ten positive ones to repair the damage.

Remember your childhood; were there times that your self-image was impacted in a negative fashion? Clearly, children are particularly sensitive to the words they hear, especially from their parents and teachers. Recognize that children are in the greatest learning phase of their young lives, and they pick up on even very subtle influences, from their family and friends. Ask yourself this question — is there is a particular comment or criticism which has stayed with you from your childhood? If thoughts from these times still bother you, then I suggest that you heal yourself to clear the effects of these negative statements.

Give yourself the nurture and praise that you may have lacked as a child. It is possible in this way to re-parent yourself, by using this sort of self-talk to re-build your self-esteem. An affirmation is a positive statement that you repeat out loud to strengthen good habits, and use the positive words to draw good energy you need. The important thing is to choose affirmations which are tailor made for you.

The way to do this is think of areas of your life which you would like to improve, then make up affirmations which address those areas. For example, you may have a liking for french-fries that is not serving you well. For more ideas and affirmation CDs to listen to, please visit www. It is a good idea to develop the habit of saying your affirmations daily, out loud, with feeling.

I can tell you that the results will be surprising, and you will find that good things will start to manifest into your life almost immediately. You will wonder how you went for so many years speaking trouble into your life, when you could have been choosing to speak prosperity and abundance instead. You can read in the bible that you have a choice, a choice to choose life or death. The choice is made by the words that you say and the thoughts that you think. In fact, you are actually choosing life or death. They eventually develop the disease. You always get what you ask for. That is the law of attraction.

Frank Outlaw has these words of wisdom: Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny. Just think — your brain is working all the time, even when you are asleep. That is why long periods of mental work can be so draining. If you are constantly in a state of nervous tension, these chemicals are released into your blood stream all the time, and eventually cause diseases such as cancer, arthritis and chronic fatigue. If you are always in a state of stress and tension, you are constantly producing, wear and tear on your body!

Let me ask you a question — are your thoughts mainly pessimistic and negative, outnumbering the positive uplifting ones? If so, you are almost certainly constantly in a state of tiredness, unhappiness and despondency, which not only spoils your enjoyment of life, but also ultimately shortens it! If you think about it, it is difficult to produce creative and productive thoughts, and make dynamic logical plans and goals, when most of your thought energy is being wasted and you feel tired. You can see how important it is to manage your thoughts, channeling them into the areas which will bring about the best results.

Why not notice, and write down your thoughts for a day, and see how many of them are good and how many are not.

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If you do this, you will instantly see the thoughts that need changing. Do you recall the way to change them? Simply examine each thought pattern, and then come up with a better feeling thought, to replace it with. As you know, prosperity means different things to different people, and you need to take time to define for yourself what it means to you. When you have worked out what you want, then you can start projecting your energy to attract those things to you.

Imagine your special wishes — financial security, a beautiful house, a sports car, a boat, or something else? Once you have decided the main desire you want to manifest, hold that thought and build on it, using conceptual pictures to strengthen your mental image, building up a detailed picture of what life will be like for you when you achieve your objective. Have a store of these images in your mind that you can bring to the fore whenever you find yourself straying off into negative or anxious thoughts.

You have a choice — you can do the work to take control your thoughts, or you can continue to let any random thought energy run your life for you. Imagine what you could do, if you gain control of your thought life. A quotation from A Course in Miracles says: The truth is that you are responsible for what you think, because it is only at this level that you can exercise choice.

The universe operates by means of natural laws which sometimes seem paradoxical to us.

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  5. Recession Proof Principles of Prosperity.

One of those laws is the Law of Giving, which is particularly significant in the area of prosperity. It may help you to relate to the law of giving a little easier as you listen to the following illustration about relationships. As you know, this is called unconditional love. When you give to another without any thought of return, it is usually reciprocated by that person, as they understand and respect your love for them, and appreciate your attention.

You can see that this produces a relationship of mutual trust and respect. It is true that as you give, you receive. On the other hand, if you love someone in a selfish way, you will quickly find that your love is not reciprocated. That is because the more you try to hold on, the more they pull away from you. This is the reason why people who are jealous end up losing relationship after relationship.


Jealousy is simply the fear of rejection. In every instance, the act of giving produces a generosity of spirit, which in turn activates the prosperity vibration. You will immediately experience the energy, and release a flow of abundance that is working in your favor. You will soon discover that the fastest way to enter this flow of abundance is to start giving. You should get really exited about this, as it is so easy to do.

As you go about your day, be on the watch for ways to help people, and as you do, the Universal tap will be turned on, and the prosperity river will begin to flow. Now, let me ask you this, is it worth holding onto your possessions, time and money, when you know that is working against the law of giving? The Universe can and will return to you up to a hundredfold of what you give. Kahil Gibran tells us that: What is your intuition and how can it help you to prosper? Intuition or sixth sense is merely your subconscious guiding you.

Usually it guides you by giving you a feeling of peace or uneasiness. As you can see, to use your sixth sense to your advantage, it is necessary to check in on your intuitive feelings. If you are feeling good, then go ahead, but if you feel that sick twist in your stomach, then think twice about proceeding.

Try not to jump into decisions if you can feel nothing either way, but wait until you feel that tranquil place, a feeling of peace about the situation which tells you that you are making the right choice. It helps to pray for the right outcome or answer to be given to you but even then, wait a little longer if need be. Wait until you really get that feeling of peace before you take any action at all. Although this is sometimes difficult to do, over time, as you get used to checking on your intuitive feelings, making good decisions will become second nature.

So, to recap, practice programming your sub-conscious mind, waiting, and listening for guidance from your spirit about every decision you have to make. Before long, you will find that your life begins to run more smoothly, and you begin to prosper in all parts of your life. To improve your life, improve your decision making ability. I encourage you to take your hunches and intuitions very seriously. Discernment is similar to intuition, but it is a gift that is more spiritual in nature.

It is an inner knowing, or insightfulness, which cannot be explained in the natural. When this meeting of souls takes place, you instinctively know the truth about a situation or person. You could be thinking of entering into a partnership with someone, or doing a business deal, which in the natural way seems to be profitable and exciting.

Attract Prosperity – Complete Book Free

An acquaintance of mine in New Zealand, who is quite wealthy, is a man who listens to his inner spirit. He told me how, during a time of prayer, he felt that he should change his investments from the Stock Market into property. He wisely obeyed this inner voice, liquidated all his stock market investments, and shortly after, the stock market crashed but his money was safe.

Another American friend was offered an opportunity to invest in a successful company, at a very advantageous rate of return. As you can imagine, he was very excited about this once-in-lifetime opportunity, and made arrangements to raise the capital needed. Wisely, he put the situation into his sub-conscious mind to be worked upon, and before long, began to feel uneasy about the investment.

After further confirmation, he heeded this inner warning, and declined to invest. Over the next couple of years, the company was one of the stars of the business world, growing at a phenomenal rate, and of course he felt that he had missed the boat. However, a year later, the company suddenly collapsed, and many of the board of directors were prosecuted for fraud.

The value of his investment would have been completely lost, along with his reputation.

As I am sure you will agree, from these two examples, discernment is a valuable tool. Certainly it needs practice, but the gift is already there, and can be accessed by meditating, getting quiet, until your inner spirit speaks. As you sit quietly, the thoughts and feelings will gently rise up, and you will receive that special knowing from within your soul. Please be encouraged, as before long, you will become accomplished at listening to your inner spirit, and will wonder how you managed before. This is also one of the secrets of the universal laws, as they basically work on that same principle.

All you have to remember is to be decent and ethical in your dealings, and on balance you will always receive fairness in return. On the other hand, if your behavior runs contrary to this rule of fairness, it is likely that you will, on balance, be treated in the same way, to your detriment. When you act selfishly, you may believe that you have gained an advantage, and actually you may prosper for a time, but there is no doubt that ultimately the balance will turn against you, and eventually you will pay the cost. Are you beginning to see that the balance of the universe is fixed?

In the end everything balances out, and your efforts will eventually prosper if they are based on good practice and fairness. As your view continues to expand you will realize, that when you misuse people or misuse your wealth, you may prosper in the short term, but in the course of time justice will always catch up with you.

So as you can see, this is another easy way to create abundance, merely by being fair to everyone. You may not realize how potent the power of self-suggestion is, and how it can make or break your future. Now keep in mind you are always programming yourself, be it for success or failure. But if you think about it, you are probably operating on automatic pilot most of the time. As we have discussed, when your thoughts and beliefs hold the suggestion that you are wealthy, then of course you will be.